Step Out in Style: Shoes at Patricia Field

I've been mildy obsessed with television/movie fashion designer and stylist, Patricia Field, ever since her days of costuming Sex and the City (the most fashionable show in television history).  Field is one of fashion's greatest visionaries and her extremely popular clothing store, House of Field, is one of the few precious things I miss about living in New York City.  I'm thankful for the internet because I'm still able to indulge in her treasures!  I mean, check out these AMAZING shoes...they're incredible! House of Field always has the most fun, colorful and outrageous styles! I can't get enough of them! My favorites are the Leopard High Pumps and the Rhinestone Encrusted Platform Pumps.  I love how Patricia Field continues to stimulate an entire fashion movement throughout the world. Make sure to shop the new styles here!
xx, Jessi Jae Joplin

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